Roman Tanner, Leahi Hospital Resident

Roman TannerWhen I was at Queen’s Medical Center they told me they were going to transfer me to the biggest rehabilitation hospital on the island, to the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific. They did not have room for me there at the rehab hospital, so I came to Leahi Hospital. I enjoyed staying at Leahi so much that I told my daughter that anytime in the future I required hospitalization I want to go Leahi.

When I had a stroke I told my daughter I wanted to go back to Leahi. My preferred hospital is Leahi, here the food, service, and personnel are super. Now that I have a computer hook up it’s perfect. I’m here at Leahi its perfection. I told my daughter Angelique I want to spend the rest of my life here.

I am 91 years old! When I was young and lived in Switzerland my favorite uncle was Hans he told me about life as a student, his professor was none other than the world famous Albert Einstein who taught him a quote: you can go through life as if nothing is a miracle or you can go through life as if everything is a miracle. I, like Einstein, choose the way as everything is a miracle. This philosophy has served me well all my life.