Referrals for admission to Leahi Hospital are made by contacting the Admissions Coordinator. Persons referred are screened for appropriate level of care to ensure that the required care and services for the patient can be adequately provided by our facility.

A nursing staff member reviews all prospective admissions for final approval. Admissions are scheduled in the morning, usually by 11 a.m., Monday – Friday. The resident or family member will be asked to provide the following upon admission:

  • Medical insurance cards
  •  Social Security card
  •  Identification
  •  Advance Directive/POLST

Upon admission to Leahi Hospital, these items will assist with transition to the nursing unit:

  •  10 sets of comfortable clothing including nightwear
  •  Comfortable, non-skid footwear
  •  6 pairs of socks
  •  Items of interest for activity
  •  Any personal items such as pictures, pillows, blankets, etc.
  •  Television no larger than 20 inches with stand (optional)
  •  Portable radio (optional)

For further information regarding admissions or to schedule a tour, please contact the Admissions Coordinator at (808) 733-7960.