NursingSince 1901 Leahi’s nursing staff has been providing quality nursing care to all who have entered our doors. With Diamond Head as a backdrop Leahi continues to strive to be a center of excellence for extended care and tuberculosis care. Nursing care focuses on evidenced based practice that is respectful and compassionate and person centered. The Leahi nursing department is committed to continue Leahi Hospital’s historic role in meeting the needs of our community. Our nursing staff is proud to work here and always find ways to improve their skills, knowledge and expertise. We are also proud of our nurse leadership program, preceptor program, participation in nursing education as a clinical site for the University of Hawaii-Manoa, Kapiolani Community College, and Chaminade University, and offering a multicultural nursing staff. We work hard to create a nurturing and homelike environment. We want to help our residents/patients achieve their goals by using best practices, and innovative approaches in their care. We have a beautician that comes to our facility, pet therapy, a “makana cart” that has snack, gifts and other supplies that goes around to the units for our residents’ convenience.

Leahi Hospital has 4 units with a total of 155 long term care and 4 acute tuberculosis beds.

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Nursing Administration: Director of Nursing, Nursing Supervisors, Staff

  • Also: Infection Control Preventionist, Wound Care Nurse, Quality Assurance, RAI Coordinators, and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

Care on units consists of providing acute TB care, short term and long term care which consists of:

  • Skilled Nursing Care (SNF) – a medical level of care that requires 24 hour skilled care such as physical or occupational therapy, nursing monitoring, etc.
  • Intermediate Care (ICF) – a medical level of care that requires intermittent nursing care. It is also known as custodial care. Nursing works collaboratively with all disciplines in providing the quality care that Leahi is known for.
  • Care can include intravenous care, g-tube feelings, tracheotomy care, medication administration, restorative care, disease management, and respite services.
  • Other services that Leahi offers are: Hospice Care and a restorative nursing program. We have on- site geripsychiatric services, dental care, and podiatry.
  • Acute TB Care – Care and treatment for patients with acute TB illnesses requiring 24 hour care.

Leahi Nursing Mission
To support the organizational mission by providing the highest quality of life in extended care and acute tuberculosis (TB) care through:

Nursing Vision
To be recognized by the community as a proud center of excellence for extended care and TB care that promotes a respectful, healing and caring environment through the highest quality nursing care.

Nursing Philosophy
We believe in:

  • The caring art and human science that is nursing in our delivery of care.
  • Fostering a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and comprehensive approach across the continuum of care
  • Delivering compassionate, culturally and ethnical sensitive, patient/resident-centered care.
  • The strength of our diversity.
  • Achieving excellence in patient/resident outcomes through continuous performance improvement using evidence –based practice.
  • Following ethical principles to protect the health, safety, and rights of our patients/residents and co-workers.’
  • Patient/resident and family education to promote optimum level of health and wellness.
  • Fostering open, respectful communication to enhance interpersonal understanding, healing and care.
  • A culture that supports empowerment and accountability.
  • Continuing education that fosters professional growth, competence and critical thinking.
  • An environment that nurtures and supports accomplishments, self-esteem and a love of nursing.
  • The scope and standards of Nursing practice and professional practice as promulgated by the American Nurses Association and the National Gerontological Nurses Association.
  • Manifesting the spirit of ohana and aloha that is special to our islands.