Gerald Aloiau, Hawaii Kai

My father was a resident at Leahi Hospital for a number of years until his passing several years ago. The staff provided him outstanding care. From either encouraging him and other residents to eat or feeding them, talking story, bathing and changing or sharing a laugh or two, the nursing staff work unselfishly, diligently and patiently day in and day out. And they maintain the highest level of uninterrupted quality care. In a way, it’s almost as if you have a true ohana taking care of your parents, just like loving children in Hawaii used to do in the old days.

I would like to recognize the Young 2 heroes – Lynn, Lisa, Melinda, Wit, Lee, Estrella, Jenny, Shirley, Marlon, Veronica, Marilyn, Gloria and Joie. Little wonder that Leahi Hospital is recognized as one of the best in the state of Hawaii.