Maluhia Celebrates Doctor’s Day 2010 With Family Room Dedication

Doctor's DayHonolulu, Hawaii — Maluhia dedicated a newly renovated family room to Dr. Clifford B.G. Chang as part of its Doctor’s Day celebration at 10:00 a.m. today. The new room provides a comfortable place for family members and friends to visit at the Alewa Heights nursing home.

Dr. Chang, a retired physician served as Maluhia’s medical director, 1995-2005, and general surgeon, 1964-1994. He spoke during the ceremony about the importance of family visits for patients in a nursing home.

Community groups and hospital volunteers who helped with the development, funding and furnishing of the renovated room were also recognized, as well as the following physicians who serve the home’s residents:

  • Dr. Robert Gries, serving since March 2004
  • Dr. Royal Gary Johnson, serving since April 1992
  • Dr. Aaron Kaichi, serving since October 1986
  • Dr. Izumi Kobashigawa, serving since October 1986
  • Dr. Carlos Lam, serving since February 1986
  • Dr. Aurora Mariani , serving since January 1997
  • Dr. Craig Nakatsuka, serving since July 2006
  • Dr. Russell Tacata, serving since March 2002
  • Dr. Keith Woo, serving since November 2000
  • Dr. Baron Wong, serving since July 2005
  • Dr. Lester Yim, serving since October 2004
  • Dr. Jack Zhou, serving since June 1997

Doctor's Day“This is a chance for us to recognize the outstanding and caring community partners that our nursing home has been privileged to have a great reason to celebrate this on-going collaborative effort to continuously improve long-term care,” said Vincent Lee, Maluhia chief executive officer.

Maluhia is one of 12 facilities operated and managed by the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation (HHSC). Established in 1996, HHSC is a public benefit corporation of the State of Hawaii. As the state’s safety-net healthcare system, HHSC continues to fulfill the state’s promise to provide quality, hometown healthcare.