HMC-HHSC Oahu Region Patient Placement Update

Ever since Hawaii Medical Center’s announcement to wind down its operations became known, the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation and the other hospital systems have had an active role In the placement of its patients. For the HHSC Oahu region, our major responsibility was to assist in the effort of providing continued and uninterrupted quality healthcare to those patients who depend on on-going skill nursing care. I would like to extend my profound appreciation for your exemplary work in responding to this very unfortunate situation.

From the onset of closing process, the assessment team consisting of Maluhia’s Nora Rebucas, Neal Yanagihara and Elvie Del Rosario, in addition to Leahi Hospital’s Ruby Yogi-Yempuku, Pat Palacat, and Lydia Chock worked very closely with the HMC administrative team to ensure that our services would be able to meet the special needs of these patients.

Subsequently, Leahi Hospital was able to admit a total of five former HMC patients, while Maluhia is caring for another five.

Your hard work and all your extra effort that you have put forth during this unexpected period have not gone unnoticed. You understood what the situation was and did what we needed to do – responding effectively to the community challenge to care for these patients while helping to ease the increased level of stress that these patients were experiencing. Your willingness to do what was necessary to care for these patient transfers while caring for the other residents in your unit is one specific example of your giving 110 percent.

Your commitment to provide our residents with the best quality care possible makes me extremely happy, proud and impressed of the true professionals you are.

c. HHSC Oahu Board of Directors
HHSC Corporate Board of Directors
Bruce S. Anderson, HHSC President and Chief Executive Officer