HHSC Oahu Region Using Familiar Communication Tool for CMS Site Inspections

CMS SiteHonolulu, Hawaii — Soon after Leahi Hospital learned about its most recent unannounced Medicare/Medicaid site inspection in July, the Nursing Department became inundated with phone queries from its section heads anxious and curious to learn about the inspection’s new process called Quality Indicator Survey (QIS). So the Information Technology Department was asked to assist.

Since the section heads were very familiar with SharePoint, IT developed a special site for this event. In addition to general “go-to-for” information, the designated site also provided departments an opportunity to discuss challenges, opportunities, and the progress of the inspection. Additionally, questions and comments were posted throughout the survey process, which in turn, helped staff feel engaged and united. The enhanced communications also fostered teamwork.

A similar communications tool was also developed for Maluhia during its most recent site inspection on July 31.

Based on the results of Medicare/Medicaid exit interviews and plans of correction, both Leahi Hospital and Maluhia performed well and received only minor deficiencies – all thanks to their respective committed employees and Medical Staffs, in addition to an important and familiar communication tool.

Established in 1996, HHSC is a public benefit corporation of the State of Hawaii. As the state’s safety-net healthcare system, HHSC continues to fulfill the state’s promise to provide quality, hometown healthcare.